You’ve visited a city and absolutely love the area. The food, entertainment, people,culture and sights attract you each time you stay in the city. It’s no wonder that you’re thinking about buying a vacation home in the area. But, you won’t be living there year round. Because of that, consider these points before you invest in a vacation home.


What is the weather like in the city, particularly during off peak seasons? Are winters harsh, dropping forty or more feet of snow a year? If so, that could put significant wear on the roof of your vacation home. Yet, harsh weather isn’t a reason to turn away from buying the house. You could protect your house from hard weather conditions by installing storm windows, inspecting and repairing roofing and patching sidewalks and driveways before you leave at the end of summer.

Home Owners Association Rules

If your vacation house falls under a Home Owners Association, meet with association leaders to ensure that you understand applicable rules and fees. Get clear about rules and fees before you buy the house.

Count Up the Costs

As with other real estate, there will be property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs associated with your vacation house. Are you ready to take on these extra expenses, in addition to covering expenses at your permanent residence, expenses like food, clothing, entertainment and commuting costs? If not,staying at a hotel or resort may work better for you.

Furnishing Your Vacation Home

Unless you buy a house that comes fully furnished, factor in how much money you’re willing to pay to furnish the home. Keep furnishings to a minimal, steering clear of putting too many valuables in the house, as it could reduce the amount of money you’d be out of should the house get burglarized while you’re away.


Get to know the neighbors. They could keep an eye on your vacation home while you’re away. You’ll also want to make sure that you get along with your neighbors. A good way to learn more about your neighbors is to stay in the city for a week or longer several times. Attend local events and stay abreast of local news the same as you would if you were going to live in the city year round.

Income Options

Rent out your vacation home while you’re away and you could generate income off the property.Check out local renting laws first. Also, run a thorough background check on people you’re thinking about renting the property out to.

Other points to consider include how much time you expect to spend at your vacation home. If you only plan to stay in the area for two to three weeks during the summer, it may not prove to be a smart investment unless you rent the house out while you’re away. Definitely install a security alarm at your vacation home and post signs on windows and doors, letting people know that the house is under surveillance.

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